About the Project

For millennia, people have looked through the Bible as a work of sacred history. Today Jews, Christians and Muslims meet together around many of its texts.

Brian J. Turner’s ambitious project to paint his way through the Bible will unfold over the next twenty years. Viewers who browse this site are invited to spend time with the paintings - variously narrative and abstract - as they appear online, and as one route to spiritual growth and understanding faith.

The Bible does its own talking. But Turner makes it fun again by engaging us afresh with its narrative genius. Allow the stories, events and characters, portrayed to question and interrupt the drabness of our secularism! The paintings sometimes reveal the unfamiliar and unexpected.

"This project may open the Bible to those who do not normally bother with it, and offer new insights to those who know it well."

Esther D. Reed,

Associate Professor of Theological Ethics,

University of Exeter.