Painting Title:- The Burning Bush

Text: Exodus 3:4, Exodus 4 v 1-5, Exodus 4 v 9-10

Moses has beaten an Egyptian to death (Exodus 2:11) and has been forced to flee for his life. Zipporah his wife has been a calming influence. But the blood still flows hot in his veins. The Israelite people are groaning under their slavery, and, to date, God appears to have done very little. Here, however, is the Old Testament equivalent of a firework show. God, who is light, appears in spectacular style as light. Merely hearing God’s voice might not have been enough for  Moses. Now, because he’s seen God, he can speak authoritatively.

Esther D. Reed

Size: 12" x 24" / 30.5cm x 61cm - Acrylic/MDF      Private Collection


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