The Cathedral Tour


Biblical Narrative Paintings


Brian J. Turner

2004 - 2005

Between 14th April, 2004 and 22nd September, 2005, 33 biblical narrative paintings by Brian J. Turner toured 7 English Cathedrals.

Brainchild of Esther D. Reed, Associate Professor of Theological Ethics, University of Exeter, the paintings took the viewer from Genesis to Revelation and even into the everyday.

The tour was critically reviewed by Nicholas Usherwood, Chair of the International Arts Critics Association, who said the exhibition was "colourful, witty, poignant and contemplative, these are intensely idiosyncratic paintings of some distinction."

Commenting on the exhibition, Esther D. Reed says, "It's art, but is it Bible study? If visual art can help one to see God's Word differently, then this exhibition is a 'must see'. The figurative paintings of Old and New Testament passages are sometimes quirky and often humourous. Abstract pieces are accessible, but challenging. Exegesis in paint, this exhibition makes people smile, scratch their heads and talk about the texts."

2004 tour dates:-

Chester Cathedral -           14th April to 3rd May

Worcester Cathedral -       5th May to 1st June

Gloucester Cathedral -      2nd October to 29th October

Exeter Cathedral -             2nd November to 28th November

2005 tour dates:-

Wells Cathedral -               12th May to 31st May

York Minster Cathedral -   4th June to 23rd June

Chichester Cathedral -      23rd August to 22nd September

Worcester Cathedral 2004